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Lani Thompson

Welcome to my page. I love writing music inspired by the Finnish national epic, The Kalevala, and I collect Finnish folk songs as well. Most of the folk songs I have include Finnish and singable English lyrics. I also play the kantele, a zither-like instrument native to Finland and a lot of my original music can be played on kantele, guitar or piano.

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My Western Mountains

Artikel 07.10.2018

This morning, I'm listening to the beautiful pentatonic kantele that UK luthier, Michael King, made for me. I wrote this song to express my love for my home in the western mountains of Maine. Today, I'm wishing I was back in Maine for the fall foliage ...

Poem 3: Joukahainen challenges Väinämöinen

Artikel 10.02.2018

Rune 3 of the Kalevala tells the story of a young wizard named Joukahainen who decides to challenge the old and powerful Väinämöinen. Poet Sanna Peden, a Finn living in Australia, retells the story here: Joukahainen challenges Väinämöinen

Biggest Kantele In The World

Artikel 21.06.2017

Kimmo Sarja made this playable kantele,  which was conceived by musician Andrew Cronshaw and lives in Kaustinen's Folk Arts Centre in Finland.